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In Lamarencalma, we believe that the spirit of a company is compatible with its economic development. The spirit seeks balance through deciding and acting differently. Everyone working in Lamarencalma shares these values.

The life of men at sea is similar to the the business world life, we must learn all we can from them, because they probably have been and experienced more at sea than us in business.

The characteristics of a good master or captain, in addition to their expertise and experience, are Vitality, Sincerity, Generosity and above all, RESPONSIBILITY.


The vitality is revealed not only as the ability to persist, but to start again. A vital partner is positive and enthusiastic, and he is always looking for ways to progress and make things better.


Sincerity is a value that characterizes the people who maintains a consistent attitude at any times, based on the truth of his word and acts between us, our customers and our suppliers.


This does not mean anything else than giving oneself to the group, above your own individuality. Net being generous and looking for a return would imply that we would be adopting a sales-oriented approach, rather than a customer or service oriented approach. That would be reflected negatively in our quality and spirit...


Responsibility is the obligation to comply with what has been committed. The responsibility has a direct impact with another core value: trust, as we trust those who are responsible. We put our trust and loyalty in those who fulfill what they have promised responsibely

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